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Registration Process

Warning : Each senior citizen must register only once.  Should you be found to register in multiple times and addresses will subject your application to legal action and ultimately invalidate your registration.

Step 1

Fill up the form completely, correctly, and honestly.  The form is downloadable from this website for free.

Step 2

You can either encode directly in the form from our website and then print it thereafter or print a hard copy to be fill-up manually.

Step 3

Sign the physical data form after accomplishing it and affix your recent photo to it.  Physical data means you have printed to form in a piece of paper for your to sign.

Step 4

After accomplishing the form, affixing your signature, and your recent photo you can scan or take a picture of it for submission.

Step 5

Send the scanned or softcopy of the form to our official email at

The original copy of the data form shall be retained in the possession of the registrant.

How to fill up the Senior Citizen Data Form (SCDF)?


The Senior Citizen Data Form known as the SCDF is the official registration form used by the National Commission of Senior Citizens to be filled up by the senior citizen themeselves.  It is a self-serving form that requires a fresh signature from the registrant.  In case the senior citizen registrant is not capable of filling out the form, somebody known to themeselves is requested to assist and accomplish the form for them.

1.  Filling-up the online PDF form

Our online SCDF is an editable PDF form which means that you can directly encode your data on it and print the hard copy thereafter. By directly encoding means that the spaces provided in the data form can be typewritten by the computer.  To do this, just click on each field item and start typing your entry.  To navigate through the fields, you can hit the TAB key after each entry or click on the next field to continue.  There are fields that are selection, checkbox, and option fields.  You have to click on it to either select, check, and choose from the choices indicated.  Fill-up completely the form.  Do not leave any blank and put N/A or Not Applicable for items that are not in anyway related or associated to you.  You can affix photo and signature by clicking on the image box provided for it.  Photos may be coming from the saved file from mobile or a scanned.

2.  Saving the form as PDF to your local drive

After the form has been completely filled-up, you need to save the form or print it as PDF.  The accomplished PDF can now be printed from your local drive for signature.  To do this, click on the PRINTER symbol (usually an icon depicting an image of a printer) at the top-right most corner of of the form.  After clicking on the "Print" icon, you will be prompted by the print option.  This time, you can set the print destination to "Save as pdf..."  Select and then hit the "Save" button below.  But this time, you will be asked where to save the data form.  Now locate you designated file folder to where you will save the SCDF.  Type in the filename and then hit the Save button.

Now, you can locate the SCDF you have just saved in your local drive, open it by double-clicking on it, and then print to you local printer.

How to submit the accomplished SCDF?

After the form has been accomplished, a hard copy shall be generated and a fresh signature shall be affixed to it.  One can generate a pdf or image file of the accomplished form and send it to  We prefer to retain the originally-signed SCDF in the possession of the registrant as the receipt of registration and for validation purposes.

1.  Signing the SCDF 

The SCDF requires the signature of the registrant themselves.  To do this, the registrant must sign physically on the printed form by printing the PDF previously generated and affixing their signature on the form.

2,  Generating and submitting the Final PDF

After the SCDF has been printed and signed physically, a scanned or image copy of it can be sent out to our email at  By sending the softcopy of your SCDF, you have completed the first step in the data-building process.  For you to become fully registered, you need to be a verified registrant.  This means that the SCDF you have submitted will be used to validate your application to register in NCSC.

What does it mean when you fill up an SCDF?

The form must be filled up correctly and completely with the current information of the registrant including all the educational, medical, and technical data required in the form.  This will compose the dataset to be used in the validation process of the registrant.  By accomplishing the form, the registrants allow the NCSC to conduct the validation process on them, and does not mean direct approval of the registration.

What is your responsibility when you fill up an SCDF?

By filling up the SCDF, it is your responsibility to provide an accurate, complete, and updated record of your personal profile, family composition, educational attainment, enumeration of skills, and medical condition.  By providing such information, you allow the NCSC to make use of the information solely for your cause and purpose.

What is the obligation of NCSC when you fill up an SCDF?

By filling up the SCDF, NCSC acquires the information dataset to be used in the validation of each registrant.  It is the obligation of NCSC to protect and secure the information obtained from the form.  The original copy of the form shall remain in the position and safekeeping of the registrant.  Only the softcopy of the same shall be provided and furnished to us. 

Privacy Policy

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, storage, disclosure, and disposal of the personal data we collect and receive from our constituents and/or from users of this site, as well as those who:

a. Email us at
b. File applications, and complaints, submit inquiries and when you apply for and avail of our other services.

We are committed to ensuring that your personal data are protected and secured.   Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in delivering our mandate, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations on personal data privacy protection. By using this site and availing of our services, you agree to the collection and use of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



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