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  • What are the rights and privileges of Senior Citizens?
    Click here to view the answer
  • How to register online?
    Click on the "Register Now!" button on the main page to register online. Check the "I accept..." box and then click "Proceed". You will then be prompted to fill out the online registration form. Make sure you read and understand all the instructions provided in the form on how and what needs to be filled out.
  • What are the required items that need to be filled up in the online SC Data form?
    All items with an asterisk (*) are required items. In cases where the required thing such as your email address is not available, type or put "None" in the box provided. For the contact number, find the most possible we can contact you from your family members, neighbors, or friends.
  • What if I'm not able to affix my signature online?
    Signature is not an asterisk (*) item so it is not required. In case the registrant cannot sign or have a hard time affixing their signature online, just leave it and proceed to the registration.
  • How can I upload my photo?
    To upload your photo, click on the corresponding upload button and locate your pre-captured picture of yourself on your local computer. We recommend registering using your mobile phone which is much more convenient to take a picture of yourself for this purpose.
  • What ID do I need to attach or upload?
    It is recommended to attach or upload an image of your OSCA ID. In case you don't have an OSCA ID, you can use any valid government ID you have in your possession. Make sure your ID shows your complete name, address, and birth date.
  • What do I put in the "Name Extension" box?
    Type completely your name extension such as Sr., Jr., I, II, III, IV.... etc. in the box provided. If you don't have any name extension, just leave it blank.
  • What if I don't want to indicate some of my personal information in the form?
    The basic information in the SC data form is required and needs to be filled up while other non-required information is optional. However, we need this information to evaluate your profile to appropriately apportion your needs to whatever programs and services we can provide for you. If we don't have this information, we might exclude you from our list of beneficiaries of specific programs and services.
  • What will I put if I don't know my blood type?
    If you don't have any particular information on what you blood type is, just scroll down the selection box and choose "Unknown".
  • Do I need to indicate the names of my deceased parents?
    Name of your parents is optional. However, this information may be needed to validate your family background for reference purposes.
  • What is an RRN and what is the purpose of it?
    Registration Reference Numbers are called RRNs. Your RRN serves as your proof of registration. Every successful online registrant is provided with an RRN. Those who submit their registration forms physically will not receive the RRN.
  • What is PKN and how can I nominate one for me?
    PKN stands for Personal Key Number which you can nominate during registration. It is like your password to keep which you need to use in accessing or opening your record for verification. For your convenience, you can use your birth year as your PKN.
  • What will I do when I received an error message upon clicking on the "Submit" button?
    This error may be due to slow internet connection from your side or a high volume request is outraging during the time you click the "Submit" button. If you received an error, usually a "Transmission Error", upon clicking on the "Submit" button, just try to click it again until your submission pushes through successfully.
  • What would I do if I committed a mistake in entering my data?
    If you still commit any mistakes despite all the instructions provided to review your data before submission, click here to make your request for correction.
  • How can I verify my registration record?
    To verify your basic registration record, click on the "Verify here" button in the main page. You will have to choose whether to verify using your RRN or your complete name and birth date. You will be required to provide your PKN when you choose to verify using your RRN. Likewise, you need to provide also the correct name and birth date as entered during registration when you choose to verify using your name and birth date.
  • How can I get my RRN?
    Your RRN is provided to you right after you made a successful submission of your registration online. In case you have not noted your RRN or you have lost and forgotten it, you can verify using your complete name and birth year to retrieve your RRN.
  • How can I verify my registration record if I forgot my PKN?
    You can still verify your registration record without requiring your PKN by using your complete name and birthday.
  • What is the purpose of the online registration of NCSC?
    The NCSC launched its online registration to build a reliable database of all Filipino Senior Citizens in the Philippines. This is a data build-up campaign associated with the interest of the NCSC to come up with an actual count of all the senior citizens of the country as basis for all its plans, programs, projects, activities, and events that will help improve the lives of older Filipino persons.
  • How can we make sure that we are using the legit online registration facility of the NCSC?
    Register only in our official website at
  • Where can I download the Senior Citizens Data Form (SCDF)?
    You can download the PDF copy of the SCDF from here ( where you can open the form directly in your browser, fill-out the form completely, sign, affix your photo and signature, and submit to us a softcopy of your SCDF.
  • Where can I find the RA 11350 creating the NCSC?
    Just open the following link you can find in this website
  • Where can I find the IRR of RA 11350?
    You can find the link in our home page scroll down below or go to our Legal Documents section or click this link here :
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