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A briefing on the recently enacted RA 11982 - P10k Cash gift.

DBM Secretary Amenah F. Pangandaman requested urgent meeting with NCSC Chairperson & CEO Atty. Franklin M. Quijano @10am this morning mainly for a briefing on the recently enacted RA 11982 " for Octogenarians and Nonagenarians on milestones of 80, 85, 90, and 95 years to be entitled to P10k Cash gift.

CCEO Quijano started with thanks to good Secretary on her approval of additional 8 regional offices now giving full presence of NCSC in the country. He swiftly made briefer on the NCSC Commission, related laws on senior citizens, and core programs.

Sec. Pangandaman is supportive of these programs and even suggested gradual inclusion of infrastructures like Senior Citizens Center and Residential Care Facilities in all regions in the NCSC budget proposals. Moreso GAD budget for elderly is reminded. She favors reemploying senior citizens to be compensated allowances.

Acting Executive Director IV Emmanuel E. Daez gave highlights of RA 11982, which wa enacted feb 26, published in Manila Bulletin in March 2, thus, effective March 17.

Readied implementing rules & regulations (IRR) was shown.

Altho there is no provision for IRR, there shall be guidelines to be issued as standard procedure according to BMB_B Director IV Sofia Yanto_Abad.

AED4 presented demographics on older persons based on PSA 2020 Census of Population.

Prospective Physical & Financial Targets would require P15. 6 Billion for about 1.5 million octo/ nonagenarians retrospectively for CY 2024.

pdate was also made on the Senior Citizens Database Registration which has 4,481,174 registrants.

Finally, recommendations for budgetary support, including administrative costs and additional workforce, were forwarded.

Sec. Pangandaman was impressed and repeatedly said Very Good!!!

CCEO Quijano was joined also by CommissionerRicardo Rainier G. Cruz III, Head Executive Assistant Leah R. Abedin, Acting Chief Administrative Officer of Finance Division Judessah J. Bongo, Atty. Florence D. Bantugan, Project Development Officer (PDO) V-NCR, Eric L. Matnog, PDO4_SOCPEN, Danilo E. Camposano, Jr. Planning Officer IV, and Marlyn D. Almonte

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11 jul

How to avail this benefits my father is 80 years old now

Me gusta

22 may
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Where to read the detailed process on how to avail this 10k benefit? My lola has turned 85 this month. I am helping secure this one for her wellness.

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19 may
Obtuvo 4 de 5 estrellas.

81 po ang age ng mother ko. Makakatanggap daw po ba siya ng 10k? Bed ridden na po siya naaksidente po siya last year. Sana iexplain po mabuti kung sino ang makakatanggap kasi naasa po kasi mother ko na meron siya matatanggap.

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07 may

Ang ibig sabihin ba kung 89 wala pang makukuhang 10 k kasi lumagpas na sa 85? Kasi nung nag 80 sya wala syang nakuha, nung nag 85 sya wala din syang nakuha, ngayon 89 na sya kailangan pa nya g maging 90 swerte na lang kung may pondo na. Sana wag lang press release ang gawin ng gobyerno dito. Kawawa ang mga senior natin.

Me gusta

25 abr
Obtuvo 4 de 5 estrellas.

saan at pano makukuha yong 10k gift? My mom is already 85 this year, hoping may pondo na ngayong taon kc if next year pa mag wait pa sya ulit ng 5yrs para mabigyan ng 10k gift na yan which was sayang lang dapat napapakinabangan na ng mga senior.

Me gusta
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