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Beware of Fake News: The Baby Franchesca Vlog Case

Updated: Nov 28

False information can be pretty harmful, can't it? It can mislead people, shape their beliefs based on lies, and even contribute to the spread of fear and confusion. In today's digital age, misinformation can travel faster than ever, causing real-world consequences. It's like a game of telephone gone wrong but on a massive scale. That's why it's so important to fact-check and be critical of the information we come across.

The post made by a vlogger named The Baby Franchesca was incorrect which led to misinformation about our senior citizens and their families throughout the Philippines. It created a disruption in our operation as we are flooded with so many inquiries from the public on how senior citizens can avail of such pension mentioned in the vlog post.

To show the video vlog correcting the previous fake news made by the Franchesca Vlog youtube video, click here.

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