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Data Sharing Agreement between NCSC and Philhealth

By Mike Jamisola - October 25, 2022

Virtual Meeting (via Zoom) on Data Sharing Agreement between NCSC and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (Philhealth) The virtual meeting between officials of the National Commission on Senior Citizens (NCSC) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) was adjourned here today to give way to probable revisions and/or amendments on vital provisions of the proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The meeting was attended on the NCSC side by Chairman Atty. Franklin Quijano, his legal staff Atty. Von Rodriguez, legal assistant Bong Alcazar and IT/technical staff Eric Gargar and Rommel Rosales. Dr. Jaime Julius Mabesa, Head of Philheath’s Indigent Program and PHIC's Information Technology Department Officer Nelson De Vera, and members of Philhealth’s technical working group also joined the meeting. After a lengthy and thorough discussion on the salient points of the MOA, both parties agreed to set another meeting by the end of the “Holy Week” to review crucial matters, particularly the data sharing component to better understand and explore other potential engagements that could be formulated for the benefit of the aging populace. The NCSC is currently embarking on an aggressive data-banking campaign/drive including the senior citizen's health profile with the help and cooperation of Philheath in preparation for the transfer of some functions and programs for senior citizens from the DSWD starting 2023.

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